I’d never let my best friends do stupid things… alone

We met at the turn of the century, at the height of the Y2K panic, TLC, and white eyeliner. I was in middle school, entering high school, which has to be the most awkward phase of your life, when I was lucky enough to meet my two best friends, Valeria and Katy.

How three best friends met, became family, and opened up shop.

We were a strange mix from the start. I, the awkward ugly duckling, first met Valeria, the early-blooming middle school beauty, through a group project assignment to host an Easter party at a local retirement home. (Unbeknownst to us at the time, we would go on to host many more parties). Although we were very different, it didn’t take long for us to become close friends. And as many juvenile friendships go, ours was solidified when we realized we both disliked the same girl in our 6th grade geography class because she ——. If that isn’t the best groundwork for a friendship, I don’t know what is. Shortly after, we realized we both loved the 90’s classics like N’Sync, Spice Girls, and Mariah Carey (Queen!) – so clearly, we were meant to be.

She and I made the cheerleading squad for our new high school where we met Katy at camp that summer. She was quiet and her personality didn’t exactly scream “cheerleader,” and not sure why, but she uh… less than liked Valeria and I at first. I mean, what was there to like, really? We were obnoxious 11 year olds who had Teen Bop JTT posters all over their room and memorized Britney Spears dance moves.

However, Katy was coming out of a JNCO jean phase, so who was she to judge? Even though she was a Backstreet fan and Valeria and I were hardcore N’Syncers, we overcame our monumental differences, and the tripod was born.

No matter what, Valeria and Katy have always been by my side. We couldn’t be more opposite in personalities, career paths, looks, and even dance moves — but somehow it works. True friends are the only people who support crazy ideas like skipping class, dying your blonde hair an awful red/orange color, getting tattoos, or even opening three businesses.

If you’re going to do it, might as well do it with your friends.

Cheers & Love, 

— Chef Alex

  • I’m honored to have known this tripod since it was born. It is truly beautiful the way you described it. Amazing to see how three little girls that you would think have nothing in common would grow up to three incredibly smart, strong successful women! So proud of you all! Girl power!

    • Thanks Carol! Big hug!

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