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The Payment & Payoff of Making Mistakes

Despite my 13 years of public school, 5 years of undergrad, and 3 years of law school – running my own company these past two years has taught me more than decades in a classroom ever could. From incorporation to payroll taxes to construction permitting – I’ve taught myself to navigate the legal, financial, and administrative bureaucracy of running a small business.
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My “Don’t Yell” Face

Ever since I could remember, I always knew I couldn’t work for “The Man” forever. Although I served my time for many years in the corporate world, I learned a lot – particularly about what not to do. I learned that employees are still human, not robots, and that gratitude goes a long way.  I learned that even in 2017, there is a distinct difference between the way men and women are viewed and treated in the workplace. Call it confidence, ambition, or just plain ignorance –  but I truly believe anything is possible.
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