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Late Night Bites
Keep the party going by our famous late night bites. These are served later in the evening to satisfy those late night cravings!
Served with homemade cilantro sauce in a shot glass
Mini Media Noches
A mini twist on a Miami favorite!
Shotglass French Fries
An assortment of classic shoestring fries and truffle parmesean fries served with ketchup and aioli sauce
Mini Sliders
Who doesn’t love mini cheeseburgers? Served with carmelized onions & pickles
Homemade & Delcious! An assortment of savory and sweet selections.
Mini Grilled Cheese
Served with homemade tomato soup in a shot glass
Cookies & Milk
Chocolate Chip & Classic Oreos served with milk in shot glasses.
Chocolate Dipped Bites
An assortment of fruit & cake all dipped in chocolate and served on a sliver platter
A definite crowd favorite!
Served with saltine crackers and lime wedges
An assortment of kettle corn, butter popcorn, truffle popcorn, pickle and dill, chocolate drizzled

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