Chief Executive Officer
Fav Food: Short Rib Tacos
Fav Drink: Margarita

Boss Lady. Cheerleader. Dog Lover.
With young dreams of becoming a cafeteria lady, Alex pursued her passion and brought Conscious Bite Catering to life. She’s been closing deals and cooking masterpieces, all the while making our clients and crew feel like family. As a registered dietitian and faithful lover of all things food, she knows how to cook up a storm while keeping it tasty and healthy. Hey, Gordon Ramsey – the next round’s on her!

“It’s time we brought health back into the kitchen. Cooking is similar to dancing. The ingredients flow and flavors are created. Have fun with it and enjoy yourself!”

— Alex Cortright RD,
Co-Founder/ CEO

Short and Sweet

-Science nerd
-Reads cooking books for fun
-Can name all vitamins and their functions and sources
-Favorite color is blue
-Learned to cook from her Mexican grandma and American grandpa
-Believes Spanglish is a great form of expression
-Reads women entrepreneur books every night
-Grandpa’s handwritten recipes are a great source of inspiration
-Wants a pet pig named Burrito