Chief Visionary Officer
Fav Food: wood fired pizza
Fav Drink: sparkling rosé

Artist. Feminist. Travel Afficionado.
As a teacher of literature and a student of the world, Valeria takes elements from all facets of her life and makes events sparkle with her unique decorations. She can transform a living room into a chateau dining hall – all she needs is some scissors and duct tape. She’s our in house jokester, but knows how to lead our crew of cuisine soldiers towards victory in every event.

“I love taking what I have learned in one context and applying it to something completely different. Creativity has always been my driving force!”

— Valeria Manavello,

Short and Sweet

-Started painting at the age 5
-Has a dog named Baguette
-Loves hip hop and 90’s boy bands
-Has a pizza tattoo
-Has gold teeth
-Mayo > Ketchup forever
-Loves pickle back shots
-Collects novels and postcards
-Big fan of the Oxford Comma